Friday, January 26, 2007

Skipper And Crew Fish Are Gone For South Central

The Emergency Order we have been waiting for is now released. Go to the following link.


Flatfish said...

Will this action sunset the one fish limit for area 3A?

mark said...

Doesn't matter, Flatfish. The longer things are easy, the more fertile the spawning loci for the next Glossers and Sutters. In fact, tho we nursed the lings and rockfish for decades and got another trip out of salmon, these species have evolved into nothing more than a means for the present year's hatch of exploiters to fill their boats with payers. Because they already do combos, they are, in that respect, better positioned to do well in a one-fish arena than we are but I think we need to look at the whole picture. Our clients expect a different thing and the longer this mess drags out, the more anachronistic a pure halibut trip becomes. Let's not forget our brothers in southeast either - even if one hypothetically does't give a rip about them, some of their clients will end up here by default and exacerbate our problem by filling new charter boats and causing the GHL to be reached sooner. Also, there is so much pressure on alternate species that they could go limited and the new guys will end up owning the resources we fostered for so long. Throw a salmon in with your catch and continue the good fight for moratorium and I.F.Q.

Halibuthead said...

I am confused.... We are regulated by the IPHC, NPFMC, and now the State of Alaska. All three are taking their jabs at us.

Oh yeah and add Bondioli to that list of Glossers and Sutters.