Monday, January 29, 2007

People on both sides of this issue be it charter owners established prior to any talk of
A charter limit when the catch was taken off the top that later supported the Purposed Charter IFQ Program.
Then the charter owners that started in the mid to late 90’s that were torn on how to support a program that would leave them in but severely hampered by not having enough
Proposed IFQ’s to finish their season.
To the charter owners that have recently entered the business before Dec. 9, 2005.

These three groups mentioned above are divided by our own doing.
Each group has their own thoughts on how or what measures should have been taken.
Each group knows who the other one is and where they stand and who to blame.
Each group holds the other responsible.

The IPHC, the NMFS, the NPFMC, the AP, the ADFG, the HC the longliners
All see us as one!

The charters catch is over the GHL. Be afraid of the TOC.
Where is the CEY.

In April of this year the North Council could vote on a Charter Halibut Moratorium.
All that has happened is in the past. What is lost is gone. It is time to move forward.

In April of this year the North Council could vote on a Charter Halibut Moratorium!
As one group we should show our support of this.
This would be a major step in the right direction.
This could be the third action adopted towards the charter fleet this year.
1st was the proposed one fish limit for area 3A June 15th thru June 30th, in area 2C June 15th thru July 30th.
2ND was an Emergency Order prohibiting skipper & crew fish.

Could this stop the over fishing in areas 2C and 3A?

Implementation of a halibut charter moratorium would stop the growth in the charter fishery.
This could stop any further regulatory controls on the guided sport fishery for now.

Does the future in this fishery look bleak?
Yes it does.

There are many great leaders in our industry, if we as one group could work together we could have a say in our future.
David B. Greiner

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Flatfish said...

Just wondering, Sounds to me like it is time to put Homer charter
association back in the forefront of this thing. I have had conversations
with members of the ACA and it sounds as though they can not agree on the time of day. Several
are dead set against a moratorium and some are pushing law suits. Several are for moratoriums. some
said the Homer Charter asociation should just melt in to their association and show unity. Unity with What? I really think Homer needs a local voice. Thanks, Gary