Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A blog for sharing and gathering information.

I have created this blog for the use and enjoyment of those of you who would like a place to gather and share information. I will let you know the address and requirements for posting your own comments. I will get this up and running ASAP.
Thanks, gary


Chad Kiesel said...

I feel we are limiting ourselves by defining this issue as a charter fishing issue.
The ACA name inherently limits the majority of the stakeholders to feel as if this organization is there to assist in protecting there interest.
Our terminology in how define ourselfs within the larger group-(Our Business Environment) i.e. customers/sports fishermen, manufactures of fishing equipment, providers of our fuel and so on... have some type of stake in the regulations being imposed.
If we continue to take on big business we need to organize on a much larger level and market our fight to include all who truley are effected.
The main problem is: 4,000 comercial fishermen control too much of a PUBLIC RESOURCE! Our clients alone out number these guys by at least 100 times, and its up to us all to get them involved.
Lets attack the unequal share of the resource and stop wasting our time in settling on the scraps. Lets keep this very public and focus on the bigger picture. Its a joke, these guys get to "own" an extreamly unfair amount of this public resource.
I say, sorry commercial guys, but your method of business is dated and needs to catch up with the times. There will be a job for you in the sportsfishing/ tourism industry, I encourage you to join. Lets ALL make the most off those flat fish, not just 4,000 of you.

Chad Kiesel said...

This Is not Just a Charter issue

mark said...

Chad, I understand you but I, for one, have two points of contention. First, and foremost, I have been neighbors with, played softball with, hiked, skied, swam, fished, ate, and occasionally, slept with commercial fishers. With their vested interest in what they do (remember that they, too, were forced to make a decision at one point, and many of them have put it all on the line to fish). The time to argue for a larger share was fifteen years ago, because those 4,000 commercials that you say control too much of the public resorce followed the rules layed out by our government and bought said resorce. It was fair and square. Second, if we did decide to take on the commercials, the time frame would be such, with all of the suits and counter-suits, and the committee meetings, and the public comment periods, that you and I would be dead before a resolution was reached - meanwhile, living under their rules.
One more thing, and this is where the oil meets the water, EVERYBODY was following the rules laid out by our government until people that entered the industry after the original moritorium bleated that they should be able to continue to fish even though they were told they might not be able to. No big deal, except that the commercials had already bought and paid for what they had. That left one place for the fish to come from - me. (and Mike, Sean, Tony, Tim,etc.) Every fish caught on boats that didn´t qualify under the original moritorium is a fish, quite literally, corked from me. You see; "Take on big business, fight Yankee imperialism - go Ernie "Che" Guevara." I see; "f'ing cur dogs lapping my children's food when I'm not looking." Can you imagine what a difficult pill this has been for me, and people like me, to swallow?If I can sympathize with your point of view (I don't hate you), you should certainly be willing to accommodate me in mine and stop trying to drag this out! Indulge me. I´ve been in this industry probably about the time you've been alive. I saw this happen before. Don´t call me Jack, but, "Been there. Done that." Will you please trust me enough to just go along for the ride? If you want to lock horns with big business later, I'll sit in the cheap seats.
One final thing - and really think about this. Is there anything that you really admire about the people you have been listening to and their business? Have they outfished you, even once? Are their boats what you aspire to? Do they carry more clients at the going rate than you do? They're affable, I'll give you that. But when it comes to fishing or fish politics, a safe bet is to watch what they're doing, listen to what they're saying, and run (don't walk) in the opposite direction! Stop by the Irish some day and chat with Sean. Or call Bob Ward or some of the others that have been here longer than since Tuesday. Come down to Mexico and I'll show you a perspective I know you'll appreciate! Trust me tho - the money is not in fighting. Let go of the ACA or Bruce Warner. Come join us and let's give IFQ a big boost into reality. - Mark

Unknown said...

Damn Mark I just read your comment.

Its been years.

Seems like your passionate about the fish as well.

I grew up in Alaska and I grew up fishing for Halibut in Cook Inlet with my family before I was old enough to be allowed to hold my own fishing rod.

Where you from?

It's 5 years later... Looks like the Entitlement IFQ Program worked. I now work in the private yacht industry.
I hope one day the government helps me out by giving me a $60,000-$200,000 permit to work on yachts.
That would limit my competition from the younger more eager energetic yacht crew who couldn't afford to enter the industry.
God that would be so nice.... Competition is tiring and those young bastards keep me on my toes.
But instead I have to keep sharp, work hard, be efficient and produce the highest quality of service to continue to succeed in this industry.