Tuesday, February 13, 2007

State looking at halibut charter limited entry.

The Alaska Division of Sport Fisheries is considering the option of a limited entry system for sport fishing guides and is looking for public comment.

On the ADFG website they have written this:

"The first step in this process would require that limited entry become part of the management "tool box" through legislative action. This is followed by the establishment of a Sport Fish Limited Entry commission or panel through which the details of a sport fish charter/guide "permit" would be outlined. Details and the criteria of a limited entry program may be managed by ADF&G, CFEC or a newly established Sport Fish Entry commission.

ADF&G has established a Limited Entry Task Force represented by both freshwater and saltwater guides from around the state. This group is tasked with working as liaisons between ADF&G and the industry. In an early December meeting, the task force agreed that ADF&G should have limited entry as a management tool and would further assist in drafting the legislative language that would be introduced to the legislature in 2007."

You can read the entire special issue page here >>>

Read the individual article on Alaska Fishing News...


Flatfish said...

This looks scary to me. The state has a horrible track record for managing fish but not so bad for guides. The state may be easier to deal with than the north council. We could even get representation on the board of fish,imagine that. What do you think??

spirit said...

It's my understanding the ADFG is under staffed, under funded, facing still more reductions in funds and now they want to take up limited entry on a federal fishery... seems to me we have more conflicts in the making. Unless they want to use 1993 as a cut off date, oh my there,s another lawsuit. Probably easier to sue the state than the feds.
The state of Alaska is much to large for an under staffed work force to even begin to enter another tumultuous subject. More power to 'em.
Keeping in mind the ever lingering GHL and the states' EO I too am a Little leery.

mark said...

Would we be able to keep the hot yellow and green stickers? They ROCK!