Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lest we forget with who we are dealing, a new guy invited himself into my house the other day and got a cell phone call for a booking he couldn't handle. So, while picking his nose and finding things to touch, he gave the potential client a list of charters and, of course, I was not amongst them. The client mentioned Bob's Trophy and Bob of A-Ward. Those notions were dispatched and thrown out of view like twenty-five pound mountain milkers in a four pat blow.
These guys are networking and doing everything they can to keep passengers away from the "old guard". Please remember this when one brings lattes or a fillet to your office to try and buy clients. They have, and will, throw us under the bus as quickly as they will Jack Montgomery and his two-a-days... and he's one of them!
If you refer one client to these hyenas, you are empowering them to come back later and steal your kill.

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