Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Communication is the catalyst for change.

What is to be made of all the information and insight being gathered and circulated lately. There seems to be more dialog and attention to the issues than ever before. One can assume that all the letter writing and stakeholder participation is having an effect. Everything from the Commissioner of Fish & Game, Denby Lloyd stating that he is not sure why he issued an EO to take our skipper fish to having a IPHC big shot actually talking to the public. These occurrences are not by accident, they are the result of communication.
As far as I am concerned its a necessary evil to have to pay for a lobbyist to do our communicating in Washington DC. although if that is what it takes I’m in. We just have to have a clear picture of what we are after from these folks. Are we fighting for a bigger piece of the TAC? Are we trying to get the recreational catch taken off the top as it is for bycatch (wastage)? What are our priorities? The argument can be made that the charter fleet is overcapitalized and is thereby qualified for a federal buyback program to take boats out of the fishery. Law suites? Are we after all the fish, half the fish, just enough fish or some ones head? A unified message would be a start.
I would like to see this moratorium get through the council and then work on doing away with the GHL. Recreational fisherman must not be required to buy IFQs from the commercials. What are your thoughts?
Lots of good stuff going on and being talked about. Keep up the good work! Post your opinions and comments. Talk On!
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mark said...

Not to intimidate new guys from submitting to your blog ( I see some have registered but don't speak ), but could we start with the head of that vile f'ing serpent, the ACA?
Maybe the one voice you talk about should be from a new association that represents I.F.Q. minded sportfishers statewide. We don't need to worry about stepping on the toes of the ACA as they are already stepping on another part of their own anatomy now that many of them qualify and want moratorium yet their original intent was to stop limited entry...Their average time in the industry is about four years now and that is enough. Also, I cross referenced their membership with Department of Licensing data a month ago - A percentage of their business members had never held an Alaska business license! They joined NACO recently, did they not? How many charters did they list? My guess is not many.
So, the ACA is no longer relevant - Let's crush it with a real statewide association. We could even pony up $50. and get the new guys in the C.G. Auxiliary Boating Skills and Seamanship Course - THEN allow them in the new association!