Monday, April 9, 2007

Written comments must be received by April 23, 2007.

Dear NACO Member,

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), has proposed a rule that would restrict the harvest of halibut by persons fishing on a guided sport charter vessel in International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) Regulatory Area 2C. The current sport fishing catch or bag limit of two halibut per day is proposed to be changed for a person sport fishing on a charter vessel in Area 2C to require that at least one of the two fish taken in a day
be no more than 32 inches in length and are requesting comments on the rule The intended effect of this action is a reduction in the poundage of halibut harvested by the guided sport charter vessel sector in Area 2C.

Current regulations applicable to sport fishing for halibut in all IPHC areas in Alaska are contained in section 25 of the 2007 annual
management measures ( 72 FR 11792 ; March 14, 2007). These regulations include the following restrictions per person sport fishing:
1. A single line with no more than two hooks attached or a spear;
2. A daily bag limit of two halibut of any size;
3. A possession limit of two daily bag limits; and
4. A sport fishing season of February 1 through December 31.

DATES: Written comments must be received by April 23, 2007.

ADDRESSES: Send comments to Sue Salveson, Assistant Regional Administrator, Sustainable Fisheries Division, Alaska Region, NMFS,
Attn: Ellen Sebastian. Comments may be submitted by any of the following methods:
Mail: P.O. Box 21668, Juneau, AK 99802 1668;
Hand deliver to the Federal Building: 709 West 9th Street, Room 420A, Juneau, AK;
Fax: 907-586 7557;
E-mail: Include in the subject line of the e-mail the following document identifier:

"Charter Vessel Halibut 0648-AV47". E-mail comments with or without attachments are limited to 5 megabytes; or
Webform at the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal:
Follow the instructions at that site for submitting comments.

Copies of the Draft Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review/Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis (EA/RIR/IRFA) prepared
for this action are available from NMFS at the above address or from the NMFS Alaska Region website at

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jay Ginter or Jason Gasper, (907) 586-7228 or email at or


mark said...

I don't think they give Pulitzers for dissertations but I gave them an earful. I really think we need to weigh in on this because if they do it there, they'll do it here later. I can hear it now; " Our fish are just as big as the halibut boat's - let's really show 'em up with some nice kings mixed in!" A max size is so much of an equalizer it will relegate us to bus driver status.

mark said...

The new guys (except Scott and Peter) don't know what a "Hog Load" is but I remember them - I had one the year before last. They are what I fish for. If the disease of max size fish reaches Homer, we will never see one again. Please write your letters.