Friday, April 20, 2007


Email your neighborhood commercial and tell them its time to push A modified IFQ plan and put this behind us. An entrepreneur friend of mine asked why he would invest in a fishery that wants to take fish from the commercials, customers from me and then tax me to help pay for it all! Heaven help us. I'm outa here if I can find a buyer.


mark said...

Have you noticed that the likelyhood of accidently erasing a letter is directly proportional to the amount of time and thought spent composing it? It´s a bit like the battle we´re in - and I´m going to try to remember what I was writing for two hours because it´s hot and I don´t have the energy to be creative again...
I was not always in favor of the IFQ because I was concerned about Scott and Peter and their not well thought out entry into boat ownership but precisely upon the advent of the ACA I realized that it wasn´t the forward thinking IFQ backers that were self-serving but the very people I was trying to protect! I think Rasmusson was bought and paid for before we wasted a week in Anchorge in Dec., ´05. I don´t think that Greg´s new wing tips, Scott´s sniveling terrors at his side, or the pity we felt at Penny´s dementia induced, cliche, "lemonaid" analogy had an effect. The decision was made before we even arrived. To Gary,, I´m very sorry I didn´t see the light sooner but I don´t think we had a chance.
If you´ve been doing this long enough to remember the hole we felt when Clay, or more recently John, left try to imagine this place without Gary and other leaders of the industry. Where do the new guys believe they learned how to do what they do, every year better than the last - from that damned five day course on how to pass the test or from "Sportfishing Pretender" magazine? Do they believe that having an "event" button on their Garmin qualifies them as great fishers? This industry could well be relagated to weekend warriors and those just affording their hobby for sixty days while the´re not working their real jobs. Who the hell is going to teach? Are YOU that good that experience doesn´t matter?
Now, we have one of the smartest, most experienced, professional fleets in the world (Don´t think for a minute that because they chamois water drops off of teak in Los Suenos or the Bahamas that those guys wouldn´t wet themselves if confronted with our conditions and go back to their real job). Tho there has been a lot of bridges burned, we can maintain, and improve upon what we have built here but we´re not going to do it with just hobbyists - which is what will remain if you choose to continue to seek unlimited access. If you are still listening to Greg, you didn´t fish enough prior to Dec.9,´05 to fully qualify, are stupid, or are ashamed at supporting IFQ when you fought it in ´05. It is this last group I am addressing. I, nor anyone else, desires to ridicule you or point out your hypocracy. We just want to get a job done, and you should too. You´re not a new guy anymore, just a guy. Now get off your ass and help us sew this up before Greg helps a bunch more new ones cut up the pie by dragging this out hence driving away the pros that are the glue, and the teachers, of this industry.
Question of the day (this will make you smarter!): How does Gary catch bigger fish than you, have happy clients, and still burn less fuel per client?

mark said...

Four emails pointing out at least one grammer error, one of syntax, and a miss-spelled "lemonade". At least I´ve got Lukason´s name down (Luke!). You see, we are a smart fleet!

mark said...

A big thanks is in order to whoever caused the inundation of bullshit into my forum. I´ve learned a lot about computer generated malicious spamming and was forced, for a while, to turn my filters way up. Now, all of those emails go straight into another account and are automatically forwarded to the FBI. This is all pretty exciting, really - they tell me that not very many people have the skills to do this good of a job and tho tracking the originator will take time it'll be nothing compared to knowing the perpetrator will somewhere be wearing a wedding dress in cell block nine!