Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lloyd & Company still want to push the Sport Fish Services Guide Board.

Denby Lloyd & Company still want to push the SFSGB despite receiving a large number of comments in writing and at public meetings, against it, roughly 85% against and 15% for. Board of fish is just another entity siding with the comm fishers instead of fair and equitable resource managemaent.
Some good news from the Sitka BOF meetings.

Here's just a few of the important ones we won.
> #286 Failed Define possession limit as maximum number of fish a
> person may have in possession until returning to their domicile.
> #287 No Action
> 137 Failed 2 bag limit on all species that don't have a bag limit.
> This was a strange one. Comfish amended to just include black cod
> with a limit of two. We submitted an amendment for bag limit of six with
> no annual limit. Both proposals were voted down so we were left with the
> status quo.
> This was a bad position, electric reels would have to be banned to
> limit the
> catch of black cod which several board members were adamant in doing.
> #368 No Action Establish possession limits for nonresidents at one
> daily bag limit for all species.
> #288/289 Failed Establish an annual limit of 12 coho for
> nonresidents and require a harvest record.
> #294 Failed Close regional aquaculture association terminal
> harvest areas to sportfishing.
> #296/#297 Definition of sport fishing gear. Tabled until tomorrow
> because they needed to work on definition of an electric reel. They almost
> took no action, but at the last minute Captain Kain mentioned that some
> people might object to allowing these large commercial jigging machines from
> entering the sport fishery.
> #298 Passed This "electric reel use" proposal was changed to
> consider black cod limits again. A compromise proposal of 4 daily, 8
> possession, and 12 annual was passed. We almost had the annual limit reduced to 7 or 9 because there wasn't enough lines on the back of the sportfishing
> license....thank god staff said they would accept hash marks for 4
> black cod on one line!
> #307 Failed Prohibit use of charter vessel for personal use within
> 30 days of season.
> #308 No Action Restrict personal use fishing while clients present
> for lodges.
> #309 Failed Establish coho allocation.
> #310 No Action Develop fish ticket system (BOF has no budgetary or
> administrative powers).
> #311, #312, #313 No Action Inspection of lodge facilities proposals.

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