Sunday, December 7, 2008

The halibut fisheries industrial complex!

The halibut fisheries industrial complex has determined that it is easier to restrict the sport fisherman than it is to conduct an environmentally responsible commercial enterprise. Eliminate the other user groups before their strip mining of the ocean correlation can be recognized for what it is, wanton waste of an apparent endless supply of fish. The commercial fishing complex wastes twice as much halibut than is taken by all of the sportfisherman inside or out side of Alaska combined.
The problem is not the tourist from Iowa wanting to take home his second halibut, it is a commercial fishing industry that refuses to fish responsibly. The commercial fishing fleet off of Alaska is clear-cutting the oceans for profit. It seems to me that it is high time for the local commercial fishermen of Alaska to stand up for their industry and stop allowing the strip-mining of the ocean for corporate profit. The mom and pop sport and commercial fishermen should work together to reduce bycatch and other wasteful practices that will ultimately result in more and more scrutiny from outside forces. Lets worry about the Alaskan small businesses that depend on a fair and equitable approach to regulation of our natural resources.

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