Thursday, November 27, 2008


Overall coastwide there is a 10.5% reduction with 2C (southeast) commercial fishermen scheduled for another 27% reduction and area 3A (Southcentral) commercial fishermen scheduled for another 7% reduction.

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Flatfish said...

Hey get this. The demand for halibut is falling by maybe 10% to 20%. The IPHC says we need to catch perhaps 10% to 20% fewer fish to make up for this. The IPHC is charged with protecting the commercial fleet. They must take economic projections into account. This is a perfect time to be conservative with the resource because it does no good to catch fish you cannot sell. If I were running the fishery I would cut the supply of fish by the amount of projected decline of demand. Sport fisherman cannot be regulated by a commercial industry. The sport fisherman reacts to individual needs for entertainment, not market conditions. Perhaps we will see a 10% to 20% decrease in demand also but do you agree with a 20% increase in price and expect the same net income. The IPHC is our market barometer, when demand dedclines the total allowable catch (tac) declines.