Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Draft Catch Sharing Plan!

Check out the draft plan by clicking on the title of this post.

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Flatfish said...

On Saturday, Oct. 4, the NPFMC voted 10 to 1 to adopt a catch sharing plan (CSP) to allocate halibut between commercial fishermen and guided recreational anglers in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska.
Just one more example of screw those who are not represented. A guided sport-fisherman has a lone voice at the council thus the 10 to 1 vote. Should the council have had an ounce of unbiased opinion perhaps 7-4 vote or something close would make sense. However when there are 10 bought and paid for votes at the council then a lopsided vote is likely. If it were based on fairness then a closer vote is surely inevitable.
When it comes to writing the secretary of commerce make sure he knows the make up of the council and just how unfair the process is to the sport fisherman.