Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alaska Board of fish Proposals!!

Just a heads up on a few proposals that have to do with charter vessels and personal use fisheries.
Proposal #307... Prohibit charter vessel use in the subsistence or personal use fisheries within 30 days of use in guided sport fishery.
Proposal #308... Restrict subsistence and personal use fisheries by lodge or charter operators.
Proposals #309 thru 313 are infringements to some degree on our civil rights as private citizens. Search your vessel without probable cause just because you have a green sticker on your boat or if your fishing clients stay in your guest house they can kick down your door and look in your freezer.
The assault continues on the rights of the guided sport fisherman so make your comments either written or in person in a timely fashion. ADF&G offices have proposal books if you need one.

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