Thursday, March 13, 2008


The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council is currently considering charter halibut allocation. I’m writing to advocate for a fixed allocation of at least 1.9 million pounds in Area 2C and 4.15 million pounds in Area 3A.
What are you advocating? Give them your thoughts.

Submission of Written Comments. Written comments and materials to be included in Council meeting notebooks must be received at the Council office by 5:00 pm (Alaska Time) on March 26 (Wednesday)
Written and oral comments should include a statement of the source and date of information provided as well as a brief description of the background and interests of the person(s) submitting the statement.
Comments can be sent by mail or fax—please do not submit comments by e-mail.
Mr. Eric Olson, Chairman
North Pacific Fishery Management Council
605 West 4th, Suite 306
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2252

Fax: (907) 271-2817


Flatfish said...

Think fixed pounds, at least 1.9 for 2C and at least 4.15 in 3A. That is where we are going.
Think stability. No floating annual regulation changes. Two fish, no annual limits, seasons of traditional and historical length.
That’s the message. Stay on message. Stay united.
It’s crunch time.

Its a good thought even though we might get our ass handed to us again.

mark said...

Okay, I'll do that - can't hurt. Do you have indicators that this is something they might go for?
Is Umfoofoo (the ACA) going to demand half?

mark said...
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Flatfish said...

I do not have indicators of the commercials ready to give up another million lbs. But there is a concerted effort by most people involved that the 1997 GHL is outdated and irrelevant. and if they are interested in along term solution then ALTERNATIVE 6. Limited Entry Plan with Angler Days and charter allocation with limited access to commercial QS (purchase) and IFQ (leasing) for charter operators
10/26/07, is maybe an Idea the council can understand. My biggest cocern is making our catch record the basis for license classification. I.E. Keep the speculators at their historic catch level. The whole thing could be another painful lesson about a commercial council having their way us.