Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Agenda Items:
Charter halibut allocation/compensation - Final Action

Charter Halibut Long-term Solution- Discuss

3A GHL management measures- Final Action.

Time line for Implementation:

Proposed Rule April 08

Comment Period May 08

Final Rule November 08

30-day delay effectiveness late December 08

60 day application period January – February 09

Evidentiary period February – March 09

60-day appeals process and resolution of appeals April - rest of year 09



Staff has been requested to revise certain sections for conformity with other alternatives (not yet completed)

ALTERNATIVE 2. Angler Day Program - Common Pool Allocation

Alternative 1. Angler Day Program with Common Pool Management

• Limited Entry program permits would remain in place with this program.

Alternative 1, Element 1 implements measures to allow market-based reallocation between the

commercial sector and the charter sector using a common pool management regime.

Element 1:1: Holder of Additional Quota Share, Method of Funding and Revenue Stream (How

to increase the initial allocation


A. State of Alaska Common Pool

Bonding (funding source)

Option 1: Charter sportfishing license surcharge (stamps) (revenue source)

Option 2. Business license fee/surcharge or limited entry permit holder

suboption 1. fee is based on number of anglers

suboption 2. fee is based on number of fish

B. Regional Non-Profit Association Common Pool

Loan (funding source)

Self assessment fee (revenue source)

Element 1.2: Method of compensation

Option 1: Willing seller, willing buyer

Option 2: Pro-rata reduction

Suboption 1: one time purchase

Suboption 2: annual leasing

Revenue streams will be for a defined period and end after the loan or bond is paid off, i.e.

continuous open-ended revenue streams are to be avoided.

TABLEDElement 3. Allocation of the common pool is administered by conversion to angler

days. An angler day would be used once fishing starts for the day regardless of whether the

angler catches a fish or not.

Element 4: Restrictions on transferability of commercial quota share by charter sector, with

grandfather clause to exempt current participants in excess of proposed limits

Element 4.1: Total limits on transferability by Area with a common pool allocation

A percentage of the combined commercial and charter catch limit will be available for transfer

between sectors.

Option 1. Limit transferability between sectors to a percent of the commercial quota

share units available by area at time of implementation of the program by area (2C & 3A).

Sub-option 1: 10 percent

Sub-Option 2: 15 percent

2_ALT 2_Angler Day Program F.doc Page 2 of 3

Sub-Option 3: 20 percent

Sub-Option 4: 25 percent

Element 4.2: Annual limits on QS purchase by area by entities purchasing for a common pool:

Option 1. Limited annually to a percentage (30-50%) of the average amount of QS

transferred during the previous five years.

Option 2. No limits to the amount that can be transferred annually

Option 3. Restrictions on vessel class sizes/blocked and unblocked/ blocks above and

below sweep-up levels to leave entry size blocks available for the commercial

market and to leave some larger blocks available for an individual trying to

increase their poundage.

(These options are not intended to be mutually exclusive.)

Element 4.3: (Annual) limits on IFQ leasing by a common pool entity

A. The common pool may only lease 0-15% of IFQs back to the commercial sector.

B. Commercial quota share holders may lease up to 10% of their IFQson an annual basis

to the charter industry.

a. Sub-option: Quota share holders that hold less than 500 lbs to 1,000 lbs may

lease 50-100% of their IFQs to the charter sector.

Element 5: Angler Days, Initial issuance, leasing, transfers

Check that these options match previous committee language

Element 5.1: Percentage-based assignment based on Angler-days1

Initial issuance - award number of angler day units from ADF&G logbooks which

correspond to:

Suboption 1. Total angler-days during 1998-2005

Suboption 2. Average angler-days during best 3 years from 1998 – 2005

Suboption 3. Total angler-days during best 3 years from 1998 – 2005

Endorsement leases

Suboption 1. Allow transfers, limited to angler day endorsement caps

Suboption 2. Allow unlimited transfers


Suboption 1. Angler days not transferable

Suboption 2. Angler days fully transferable:

1. Permanent: must go through NMFS (RAM division)

2. In-season transfers: allowed between charter businesses

1 Permit endorsement of an angler day for every client fishing bottomfish/halibut in a day

2_ALT 2_Angler Day Program F.doc Page 3 of 3

Element 5.2: Limited Entry Permit Leases (in-season only; reverts to permit holder at beginning of

next season)

Option 1. not allowed, except for “unavoidable circumstance”2

Option 2. allowed, limited to use cap and not more than 2 out of 5 years

Element 5.3: Permit use caps, individually and collectively, with grandfather provision

Same as under limited entry program

Issue 6. Communities

Tabled (how many angler days should a CQE moratorium permit holder receive or

should a % of the charter allocation be set aside if necessary for use of CQE moratorium permits

to access as angler days?)

2 Acceptable circumstances will be adjudicated on a case by case basis through the National Marine

Fisheries Appeals Division, but includes medical emergencies, military exemptions, constructive losses. An

individual who was assigned to active military duty during 2004 or 2005 and who qualifies as “active ”

during the year prior to implementation7 and who demonstrated an intent to participate in the charter fishery

in Area 2C or 3A.(prior to the qualifying period) shall be eligible for a moratorium permit.

Program effective February 2010

The committee unanimously passed a motion that the Council request

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