Saturday, March 17, 2007


(FAX No Later Than 21 MAR 2007).


his is a must: support letters to NPFMC must be received by 21 March 07 so try to FAX them (FAX: 907-271-2817). Show up to testify at the meetings on 28 & 29 & 30 March for North Council. NPFMC takes note of our letters and tallies them up for pro and con actions in the Federal Register. SO JUST DO IT!

Suggested Bullets to include in your 1-page Letters to NPFMC: (Assuming you agree with any or all)
1) Who you are and what your business is, and for how long and where at.
2) You support establishment of a Halibut Charter Moratorium, with a 9 Dec 05 Control Date, ASAP!
3) You support using a 5 day trip threshold (or 0, 10, 15, 20) for qualification for inclusion in the Moratorium, with a secondary 20 day trip threshold for moratorium permit transferability. Use of 2004 or 2005 LogBook data is preferred.
4) You want an initial allocation that represents a fair share and is adequate enough to allow for a permanent solution.
5) Fair Allocation numbers need to be developed.
6) NPFMC already has all the data they need to establish a Permanent Solution and don’t need to keep going forward for more data collection and studies.
7) You strongly oppose any allocation delegation to ADF&G because their potential in-season management decisions could devastate your business. Their best schedule if this happens is to let us know what restrictions we face on March 1 each year. How can we sell seats when we don’t know what we are selling?
8) You want NPFMC to move as rapidly as possible to a Halibut Charter Permanent Solution that allows for individual business choices. It’s already been 14 years in the process and you want it resolved!


CaptSean said...

Where did this come from?

Flatfish said...
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Flatfish said...

Capt. Bob sent this out in an email. I do agree that speaking directly to the council on terms they understand is the only effective way of getting your point across. I like that these issues are in writing in front of them and I can comment on each as I so choose. I have watched them tune out completely when our comments drift to personal feelings, threats and whining.

mark said...

10:30pm. on the 19th. Their fax is broken - Bob Penny must have spilled lemonade in it but don't worry as Rex Murphy has a plan for Rasmus to drag out...would someone at ACA break out a clean shirt, get up there, and see to it that this situation is addressed equitably? It's not fair that those before me got to fax and I don't.